Our Story


Lovements is committed to bringing you beautiful pieces to capture the moments you love in life.

We've captured that love and those moments ourselves with our family having now spent 65 years in the fashion jewelry industry.  Fathers, sons, spouses, aunts, uncles and friends working alongside each other each day, creating memories and creating beauty to share with you. Our parent company, Snow Findings Co, has been creating component pieces for the industry since 1951.  Lovements is the handmade creation of Randy Snow, the third generation working under the roof of his family business.  Building on that history, Randy has married traditional craftsmanship with new designs and new direction.  All of our products are proudly made in the USA and proudly made in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island was once considered the fashion jewelry capital of the world, employing tens of thousands in our tiny state.  Through the years most manufacturing has left Rhode Island to go overseas and most companies have been lost.  We at Lovements cherish the proud traditions of our fathers, grandfathers and families, and want to bring back the proud traditions of not only Made in the the USA but also made in Rhode Island.